Mother lode???

So, as many of you know I’ve been fairly newly married for a little over a year. The woman I am married too seems really sensitive to the spiritual realm and even though she is coming from a perspective of traditional Christianity, her past before that was pretty occultic. So anyway, she knew a little of my relationship with the spirit world, and like most good Christian wives, tried to frame it in a way that was evil and not good. As a (predictable) result, my spirit ladies have been harassing her a lot. She finally got fed up a few days ago, and we both got drunk, and she told me she wanted the whole story. I told her everything, of the 3 ladies that have been in my life for several years or longer, of our relationships and how we interact…I mean everything. Much to my surprise, me new wife began speaking to them, telling them she would share me with them, and would even participate in 3 somes with them with me!!! Needless to say I was stunned, I mean I cant think of any other woman in the natural who would do that to keep her man. I really think she loves me as much or more than my spirit ladies???

2 thoughts on “Mother lode???

  1. What stands out to me the most, is the luck you seem to have. Not that I envy your luck. I myself have multiple spirit wives, but the chances of finding a person sensative to the astral realm and it’s spirits is even rarer. Even more unusual is her acceptance of all of this. Do I think your ladies made the right choice in harassing her, not really. One reason being that it could show their bad side more then good side. Thus proving to her that these spirits are bad. My opinion though, lol. Anyways, congratulations on the new lady.

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