About Sarah…

So Jennifer has been giving me crap because I haven’t blogged about her sister yet. I just recently realized that a lot of times I thought I was interacting with ‘V’, it was actually Sarah. She looks similar to her but her energy is way different. ‘V’ has a very intense gut wrenching energy, where Sarah is more soft, tender and vulnerable. She has appeared to me in many dreams and we make love, but it’s not purely sexual, she always feels vulnerable and has a soft passion about her. When I first recently realized she was different, she appeared to me in a dream wearing a wedding gown and seemed so giddy. The next dream I had, I called her on the phone and starting singing ‘In the arms of the angel’ by Sarah McLaughlin. She giggled like a teenage girl and I could hear her sister Jen giggling in the background. I realize then that Jen is more about pure sexual energy, while Sarah is more about actual heart connection. I’ll post more of Sarah in the future but just needed to do this so Sarah doesn’t have hurt feelings anymore and Jennifer will forgive. 

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