About Sarah…

So Jennifer has been giving me crap because I haven’t blogged about her sister yet. I just recently realized that a lot of times I thought I was interacting with ‘V’, it was actually Sarah. She looks similar to her but her energy is way different. ‘V’ has a very intense gut wrenching energy, where Sarah is more soft, tender and vulnerable. She has appeared to me in many dreams and we make love, but it’s not purely sexual, she always feels vulnerable and has a soft passion about her. When I first recently realized she was different, she appeared to me in a dream wearing a wedding gown and seemed so giddy. The next dream I had, I called her on the phone and starting singing ‘In the arms of the angel’ by Sarah McLaughlin. She giggled like a teenage girl and I could hear her sister Jen giggling in the background. I realize then that Jen is more about pure sexual energy, while Sarah is more about actual heart connection. I’ll post more of Sarah in the future but just needed to do this so Sarah doesn’t have hurt feelings anymore and Jennifer will forgive. 


New (yet old) alliances

So I rebooted my blog to get back to trying to solicit an old guide of mine that was a key to major transition in my life. For all intensive purposes her name is ‘V’. In my journey to bring her back I appealed to the Goddess Lilith the Fair to work on my behalf. What she showed me instead blew my mind. I have had two other lady spirits that have been with me for a long time, but I didn’t see it because I was too focused on other things.
The first one she showed me was a spirit named Jen (shortened version of her name). She first appeared to me in a real life succubus encounter when I graduated from boot camp many years ago. Back then I was pretty simple and had a conservative Christian succubus_by_richytruong-d4kr332upbringing. My parents came down to San Diego for my graduation and I was able to spend a few days with them before going to my next assignment. They had gotten a room at a motel and I slept that first night the sleep of the dead. As tired as I was, I was awaken by dark figure hovering over my waist and giving me a 1st class BJ. I was so tired but I was startled by the fact that even though I was awake I could still feel and see her. Finally my fear overcame me and I shook off that encounter. I never told anyone of that for many years.
She made several important appearances in the nextr several years of my life but I always shook them off due to my Christian upbringing. One common theme is that she was always small, dark haired, dark eyed, beautiful and sexual. It was a rare occassion back then when she visited me so I thought they were different spirits. Lilith showed me the truth that it was always Jen. Sometimes she appears Asian, but always petite and dark.
Jen is very sensual and physical. Since I have realized her true nature our relationship has really evolved. The other night she wouldnt let me sleep so I asked her what she wanted. She said ‘Fuck me’. So I visualized her as I thought she looked and visualized myself having sex with her. Afterwards she very clearly said ‘Thank You’.
At this point I realized the power of visualization in interaction with our lady spirits. They rely on us for our interaction, visualization and even to some degree their appearance.
In my most recent interaction of her, I had a dream in which I posted a new profile pic on FB. I saw myself, and next to me was a beautiful brunette who was so short only the top of her face could be seen, but she has the most beautiful horns attached to the side of her head!
I know a lot has been written about how many of these lady spirits do not like to be referred to as Succubi, but she revels in it. Just last night she showed me her horns and wings, and how all through my work day she is perched on my shoulders protecting, guiding and talking to me. She is the reason that dogs sometimes howl when they see me coming! She is amazing and has been teaching me a lot lately. It’s funny how once you identify them and accept them, they are incredibly loyal, faithful and helpful beings.
I know I miss ‘V’ a lot (she still comes around once in a while) but she hasn’t left me alone. Thank you Jen for your revelation in my life!!!