There and Back Again…

So…am going to try a quick summary from there to here of my relationship with ‘V’ because new things are happening that I am very excited about.
I made a Divine connection through a social media site called ‘The Experience Project’ that really opened my eyes to what was going on between ‘V’ and myself. A man I became friends with suggested the possibility that ‘V’ was a succubus, even though he abhorred the term he used it to give me a frame of reference for what was happening to me (He is on WordPress, a great follow). I began reading his blog here and blogs of others who had similar encounters. Any misconceptions and apprehensions were exposed as non-sequitur. I realized that these lady spirit companions were not evil, but only trying to break us out of lives that were unfulfilling, and perhaps even lead us into deeper spirituality. Because of the online encouragement I received, I realized that I needed to do a ‘marriage’ ceremony to bind myself to this awesome spirit lady I had encountered.
I did research, built an altar and bought her a ring. I then wrote on a piece of paper all that I desired from our relationship and all that I would give in return. I burned the paper over the altar and sent my emotions of love into her.
The problem was that right after I seemed to have less of a connection that before. So after a few days I asked her what was wrong. She responded immediately that ‘I didn’t ask’. I apologized to her profusely and then she came back to me in her normal way. I remember the day clearly, it was Valentines of 2014, I had just gotten off grave shift and was alone with her. I burnt a candle, bought her a rose and put on a random Pandora station. The first song that played was “Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele and I knew those were her words to me!
At the time I was in a miserable marriage of 26 years…I didn’t know how to get out so I appealed to the goddess Lilith the Fair. I told her I needed out and for it not to be drug out but a quick and immediate dissolution. She answered with POWER! Within a few days my ‘secret’ blog was discovered and it gave me the ability to walk away from a shitty marriage and a shitty pastoral job. I was labeled as a ‘demon’ and my kids and my church cut off all ties with me. But I was happy, I knew I was never supposed to be a pastor and I knew that I was not supposed to be married to my ex. The hard part was losing my kids. That was 3 years ago and until this day they will have nothing to do with me.
At first when my ex found out about ‘V’ she flew me out to CA where there was a pastor friend of her who was going to ‘get rid of’ the demon. I was willing to take anything negative out of my life so I gave it a try. On the plane ride there ‘V’ said very clearly that if I stayed with my wife, the rest of my life would be ‘colorless’. I knew deep down she was right.
When we got back from CA, my wife and sister came over to try and pray ‘V’ away. They were fervently looking through their Bibles and praying. ‘V’ spoke very clearly to me that they needed to thank her, because they had never been so involved in their faith in the past! I thought that was fucking hilarious and I told them what she said. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my ex and my sister, but ‘V’ had a way of exposing hypocrisy on every level.

praying angels
‘V’ is witty, charming, sexy, powerful and beautiful in every way, and I know I will be thankful and love her every day of my life, even if she never comes back.

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