Wars and Rumours of Wars…

Needless to say, after my first encounter with ‘V’ I was more than a little rattled. The more sober minded I’d become, the more my initial reaction of laughter to her seemed out of place. So I set my feet firm and decided to make a stand against her.
Her number, 44, was every where I looked. That first week, the temperature was almost always 44 degrees, every car I passed or was following had a 44 in the license plate. A few weeks in, there was a local college rivalry game in which one team beat the other by 44 points. The whole topic that week was ‘is team A actually 44 points better than team B’.I also began to realize that all the people who were closest to me either had a 44 on their license plate or phone number. I was in awe of ‘V’s power from the very beginning.
That awe and fear led to a dream that was my next most powerful encounter with her. In this dream, she appeared to me and threw me on the bed and straddled me, then pulled out two short swords…I immediately began to panic and visualized two axes in my hands to combat her. She then brought her swords down one after the other. I met and blocked her blow for blow with my axes, but I began to panic as I could tell she was a little faster and a little stronger than me. As I soon realized that she was about to overpower me, I called out for a familiar spirit that I had been interacting with to help me (I’ll tell more about her in the future). This little gal jumped in and it was then I heard her scream…ear shattering. It woke me up with my heart pounding and throat crackling. I never heard or encountered that spirit before and am convinced from this encounter that some spirits can be killed.
I enlisted the help of several people whom I knew to be prayer warriors to pray her out of my life. But every time they gathered and prayed against Viannaher, it’s as if she just took a few steps back with a smug look on her face and waited for her timing. Even at the beginning we were connected fairly strongly and I was almost always aware of where she was and what she was doing.

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