First Revealed Encounter…

My first Revealed encounter with ‘V’ happened when I felt pretty confident that my life’s plan was pretty set. I’d been married for 20 years, been an active Christian for at least 30 years and a pastor for the last 8.
Ever since I was a child I had a real sensitivity to the spirit realm. My father who was a Baptist pastor told me that these things were bad and taught me how to cast them out. As a result I grew up thinking that all spirituality was bad.
I tried to ignore the deeper feelings in my life that things were not right and that I was ignoring the person I truly was, denying even my true identity.
Then it happened..One night I had a powerful dream. In this dream I was working at the store I was managing at the time, and I noticed a stunningly beautiful buxomous blonde walking past me. She had that ‘angry’ walk that women get who are mad. I couldn’t help but desire her, and as she walked past she looked at me and said I would never overcome her, and that I would only know her by the number 44….I immediately awoke out of the dream with my heart pounding, and my throat had a crackling in it (Like it had pop rocks in it), and laughter. It was like she was trying to kill a mosquito with a sledge hammer…I knew I had no natural defenses against this type of woman and that to even think of resisting her was a joke.
I did what my upbringing taught me to do and prayed against her with my wife at the time. But it was as if she was laughing at me, stood only a few feet away and waited for me to quit doing the religious thing that I felt had always worked in the past but now had no connection with this type of spirit.,
Since that time, The Vianna1manifestation of her presence has always been the same, intense energy, heart pounding and crackling in my throat.

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